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“Awaken the Dreamer” 

I Learned we are all Powerful!


T. Knapp-Calkins

August 2019


When I first read the back of the book to see what it was about it instantly grabbed my attention. I wanted to know more and open my mind to more possibilities. Reading this book opens your mind to something that is bigger than yourself. Anyone can take something positive out of her book if you are open to it. I would encourage everyone to read this and learn about something bigger than you.

Read this Book!


S. Givans

November 2019

Once I started reading the first few pages of this book I knew I was canceling the rest of my plans that day; a few hours later I left my balcony with a whole new outlook on life. The way that the author was able to fluidly articulate such a vastness of the unknown, conspiracies, world control, dreams, space, ascensions, vibrations, etc, was nothing shy of raw talent, passion, pure knowledge, and beauty. Once I finished the book I found myself eager for the release of her second publication. Reading this book led me down a continued path of more eagerness and desire to know the truth, which has been held through deception from us all for far too long. Come to find out, the answers have been right in front of us the whole time…read the book to find out where!

Remarkably Interesting, Insightful, Alarming

“This book is ideal if you are ready to go down the rabbit hole. Also great for reference to go continue researching on your own. I’m awake!”

- A. Gutierrez

Alluring and Captivating!


“This book is magnetic and will draw you into the sphere of paranormal experiences! There is clearly more to life beyond what the human eye can see!”


- G. Russell

I Love this Book


"I was given an E-copy prior to print for an honest review. What an eye-opener. I highly recommend reading Nonny M. Deutsch’s book. I cannot wait for the next book. Great job! You keep us wanting more!”


- R. Garcia.

Eye Opener


“Inspired me to look into the many topics mentioned in the book. I cannot believe we have all been deceived. Totally worth the purchase for that alone."

- D. Henry

The Rabbit Hole will Lead you to the Truth

 "This book does not shy away from exposing and talking about the evil and deceit that exist in this world. Straight forward, just enough information about each topic. My Spidey senses went off. 

I did not want it to end!"


- S. Cruz

I Couldn't Put it Down


“Easy read. The most informative and entertaining book I have read this year. Great quarantine material!”


- D. Gomez

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