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"Let the Love inside you Illuminate the world."

             Nonny Mendoza

Retired US Navy

Bachelor of Science degree in 2018

Business Owner


Marielena "Nonny" Mendoza was raised in Huntington Park before moving to Downey in 1998.  Nonny Mendoza had a remarkable upbringing characterized by frequent encounters with the paranormal. From a young age, she was immersed in the mysterious and unexplained phenomena surrounding her, sparking a deep fascination with the unknown and ancient mysteries that would shape her path.

In 1995, Nonny obtained her graphic design certification and began a fulfilling career. After several years as an employee, she embraced her entrepreneurial spirit and established her own printing and graphic design business, INC Print Inc., in 2004.  However, in 2007, she boldly decided to walk away from her successful business in search of something more meaningful and embarked on a personal journey of self-discovery.

Craving a sense of purpose and a deeper understanding of life, Nonny made a courageous choice at 38 to join the Navy. Serving for a decade was a transformative experience that challenged her perception of reality and provided a newfound sense of security. While in the Navy, she was stationed in New Orleans, a city renowned for its rich culture and vibrant supernatural history.

New Orleans catalyzed Nonny's renewed passion for the paranormal and marked a turning point in her life. Immersed in the city's unique cultural tapestry and steeped in its supernatural lore, she was surrounded by a community that embraced and celebrated the mystical and unknown. The energy of New Orleans ignited a fire within her, propelling her to explore the depths of the paranormal and ancient mysteries.

While serving in the Navy, Nonny pursued higher education and achieved her Bachelor of Science degree, graduating with honors (Cum Laude) in 2018. This academic achievement showcased her dedication to personal growth and her thirst for knowledge.

In October 2019, Nonny retired from the Navy with an honorable discharge, marking the end of her military career. Since then, she has channeled her experiences and passion into writing, completing four volumes of the Ghostly Tales Books. These books are based on Nonny's encounters with the paranormal, offering readers a window into her extraordinary experiences and inviting them to contemplate the mysteries surrounding us.

Nonny's first book, "Awaken the Dreamer," is a deeply personal exploration of her paranormal encounters. It delves into themes of awakening and presents profound insights into the state of the world, government secrecy, and the interplay between government conspiracies and human awareness. Through her experiences, Nonny offers a unique perspective that sheds light on hidden truths and delves into spiritual evolution and awareness. Her book serves as a thought-provoking journey into the supernatural, encouraging readers to expand their consciousness and contemplate the more profound mysteries of our existence.

Nonny Mendoza's evolution from a graphic designer to a Navy servicewoman and now an author mirrors her relentless quest for truth, self-discovery, and delving into the paranormal. She opens a window into her extraordinary experiences through her books, inviting readers to ponder our world's mysterious and unseen facets.

An interesting historical detail about the author is her impressive lineage through her maternal ancestry. She has traced her family tree back 35 generations to direct descendants of notable figures such as Rollo the Viking, Alfred the Great, William the Conqueror, King Henry II, Alfonso VIII (King of Spain), and ultimately, their royal cousins Isabel, Queen of Castille, and King Ferdinand II of Aragon who commissioned Christopher Columbus' explorations that played a crucial role in establishing Spain's colonies in the New World. Her lineage provides a captivating insight into her family's rich and storied history.

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